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Red Warm Mix Colored Asphalt Project for Riverside Avenue


Go Green warm mix colored asphalt applied to riverside avenue

Go Green Warm Mix Colored Asphalt is a new type colored asphalt surface course paving system. It uses significant ultra-thin overlay technology. Paving thickness only requires 1.0-1.2cm. Pave warm mix colored asphalt layer straightly over the existing road. Open to traffic in 2-3 hours.

Go Green supply Warm Mix Colored Asphalt Emulsion and Colored Asphalt Pigment for customers to produce locally. Mixing the emulsion, pigment and aggregate in mixing plant to produce warm mix colored asphalt mixture.

This is riverside colored asphalt running track project. Specification is as follows:

Area: 2000m(L) * 3m(W)

Paving Thickness: 1.2cm

Color: Red

Construction photos:

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