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Color Antiskid Pavement

  • Name:
  • Color Antiskid Pavement
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  • CAP01
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  • Colored Asphalt


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Go Green Color Antiskid Pavement (Color Ceramic particle anti-slip pavement) is a combination of two-component polyimide resin adhesive and ceramic aggregates of various specifications, colors and sizes; The resin is applied to the original asphalt or cement pavement in precise amounts, a layer of ceramic particles is applied to form a rough and non-slip surface. Common colored ceramic particle pavements are available in six colors: green, yellow, blue, red, white, and gray.

Thickness: 1 ~ 3 mm -- thin non-slip road - sidewalks, bicycle lanes
               3 ~ 5 mm---medium-sized non-slip road surface---small motor vehicle lane

               5~8 mm---Thick non-slip road surface---Heavy motor vehicle lane


  ※ Reducing splashing water, good water dissipation on the road surface, high anti-slip performance, bright colors.
  ※ The construction is rapid and the laying efficiency is high, which means low working hours. ?
  ※ Application to tunnel traffic can improve traffic safety and reduce traffic accident rate.
  ※ Quick curing to reduce traffic delay caused by construction.
  ※ Reducing the working area, a single road area can be constructed.
  ※ Low cost, save half the cost compare to other solutions in Europe.
  ※ The noise is reduced, and the fine structure made of aggregate has the effect of conducting audio.
  ※ Applied on cement road to reduce noise by 3 or 4 decibels.
  ※ Shorten the braking distance, excellent anti-slip performance can reduce the braking distance by 40%. In addition, heavy trucks do 

      not brake lock when turning at the corner.

  ※ The minimum thickness: the design thickness is at least 3mm, no need to adjust the street facilities, nor affect the drainage, light 

      weight: the minimum cover per square meter can only be 5~6 kg.
  ※ The softening point is high, and the hot weather in summer will not be as soft as the asphalt road.


Residential sidewalks, square, bicycle lane, landscape road, scenic area, non-motor vehicle lane, 

Bus stop, bus & BRT lane, highway tunnel extrance, toll station, curves, ramps, speed bumps, etc.

Go Green Color Antiskid Pavement System Materials


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