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Adhesive Crack Tape

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  • Adhesive Crack Tape
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  • GCT01
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  • Road Maintenance


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Go Green Adhesive Crack Tape is a kind of roll type crack resistance waterproof membrane, mainly used on highway, urban road, city street etc road surface maintenance construction, it has high tensile strength, good toughness and interface viscosity, very suitable for road substrate. The construction is very simple, just stick over the road crack, it can not only act as a seal to prevent the crack spread, but also effectively prevent the water damage permeate to the base course, thus prolong the road service time.

Stability Range: -10℃ to 100℃

Stability: Long time storage and transportation under normal conditions

Storage: Avoid high temperature or sunlight exposure storage

Shelf life: 24 months

Adhesive Crack Tape Specification: Thickness 3mmX Width 3~15cmX Length 10m/roll, tensile strength 20KN/m, impermeable pressure ≥0.3Mpa. The specific size could be customized on client's requirement.

Go Green adhesive crack tape has many advantages including good abrasion resistance, high tensile strength, excellent waterproofing, aesthetics, durable and easy to construction.

Structure & Features:

Go Green adhesive crack tape main structure has four layers:

1. High bonding material layer

2. High elastic polyester layer

3. High polymer elastic material layer

4. Anti-tear imported non-woven or flexible polyethylene layer

Four layers material has different function respectively, using special process to compound the four layers. The first layer has good bonding effect to prevent the water flow into the gap which formed between material and pavement; The second layer has good elastic function that can effectively recover the material skeleton when the crack width changing under the temperature; The third layer has high polymer material which has good performance at high or low temperature, moreover it has good elasticity, its the main function layer; The four layer can keep the material steady and reduce the wheel friction loss.

Go Green Adhesive Crack Tape Advantages:

1.     Simple construction: pave the crack tape after cleaning the crack, no need to use any equipment

2.     Rapid construction speed: as its extremely convenient construction, compare to traditional crack repair, the crack tape greatly improve the efficiency

3.     Aesthetics and durable: no deformation or brittle at least 2 years, won’t be taken away with the wheels, effectively prevent the crack expansion

4.     Safe and Eco-Friendly: the crack tape is mainly made up of polymer, non-flammable, non-toxic, no negative effects, no pungent odor, no matter in transportation or construction, it won’t harm human body( as it don’t need to heat), its an eco-friendly product.

5.     Good low temperature performance, excellent durability, no need to use equipment, no material waste.

According to different crack width, there are 5cm, 8cm, 10cm, 12cm, 15cm for your choice.

Thickness (mm)
Softening Point
Perforation Resistance
Elastic Recovery (25℃)
Low Temperature Performance (-20℃)
No Crack

Construction Condition: Temperature should be higher than 15℃, no construction in rainy or snowy.

Application: Go Green crack tape is suitable for various cracks on cement pavement, steel plate, asphalt road, small potholes, well cover etc, to prevent the crack expand and water penetration.

Go Green crack tape can repair the crack width maximum to 2cm, if the crack width is very big, we suggest you can use crack filler or cold asphalt to fill the crack firstly, then stick the crack tape over it, that can effectively prevent the crack expansion.


1. Choose the suitable size crack tape according to crack width, the sizes are available in 5cm, 8cm, 10cm, 12cm, 15cm

2. Clean the crack, the crack surface should be even, without any stone or debris.

3. Tear off the membrane, stick the tape over crack, use rubber hammer to compact it, to ensure the crack tape bond to pavement closely, no bubble or wrinkles.

4. The crack tape can be cut off for irregular crack, stick it according to crack trend.

5. Open to traffic.

Package: 5 rolls per box, 40 boxes one pallet


Package Name Photo Description Container Loading
Go Green Adhesive Crack Tape Go Green adhesive crack tape is a kind of ideal product to repair road cracks, easy to use, just stick over the cracks, effectively seal the crack and prevent the crack expand and prevent the water damage permeate to the base course, thus prolong the road service time.

5 rolls per box, 40 boxes one pallet

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